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AngerClass offers 100% online anger management classes that are widely recognized across the United States. Our courses meet state requirements for court-ordered and self-improvement purposes. We cover a vast service area, making our classes accessible to individuals from all parts of the country. 

However, we advise our clients to check county recognition before enrolling in our program as some counties may have specific guidelines or regulations regarding the acceptance of online anger management courses. 

With flexible course durations and engaging content, AngerClass is committed to helping individuals manage their emotions effectively and make positive changes in their lives.

Various Courses
1-52 hourly and weekly courses available
100% Online
No attendance, 100% distance learning program
Free Certificate
Certificate awarded at no hidden costs
Broad Acceptability
Approved by states and counties in the United States
No Hidden Fees
All included, no additional charges
Mobile Friendly
24/7 access from any device, anywhere
State Recognition
Most Common Q&A
What areas does AngerClass cover?
AngerClass provides online anger management classes throughout the United States.
Are there any states or regions where AngerClass does not offer its services?
No, AngerClass offers its services in all states across the United States.
How do I find an anger management class that is accepted by the state/county?
AngerClass is one of the leading providers of state recognized anger management classes in the United States. Our programs are developed by a certified specialist to meet every state’s particular requirements. As well as that, our classes are widely approved within the country and yet, we strongly advise participants to check their county reception before sign up.
How do I know if my anger management class will be accepted by the state/county?
Firstly, you can check out your county acceptance by choosing your particular state and then look at the county approval list where all counties (of your state) that are known to approve distance learning certificates are colored in green and ones that reject - in red. Secondly, you can always send your letter of enrollment to your home county in order to check whether your course certification will be approved.
Why do some states/counties deny course certificates?
Some states/counties do not allow distance learning fulfillment certificates as they do not recognize online educational forms. Although such cases are rare, we highly recommend you to check their particular requirements before getting started.
What happens if my certificate is declined by the state/county?
As AngerClass provides an acceptance guarantee, we will issue a full refund back to your bank account in case your fulfillment certificate is rejected by your home state and county. However, to benefit from this warranty, you need to send us a proof of denial as soon as you receive it, as well as a written explanation and a refund request. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.  
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