Workplace Anger Management Classes

Employer mandated anger management classes can be a crucial step in creating a safer and more productive workplace environment. Our online classes offer the flexibility to complete them from anywhere, at any time, with durations ranging from 1 to 52 hours and weeks. Developed by a certified instructor, AngerClass’ courses are nationally recognized and provide practical tools for managing emotions and behaviors in the workplace. With 100% online accessibility, employees can fit these courses into their schedules without disrupting work or personal commitments. Don't let anger issues impact your workplace productivity - enroll in our workplace anger management classes today. 
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1-Hour Anger Management $29.99 ENROLL
4-Hour Anger Management $34.99 ENROLL
6-Hour Anger Management $44.99 ENROLL
8-Hour Anger Management $54.99 ENROLL
12-Hour Anger Management $64.99 ENROLL
16-Hour Anger Management $84.99 ENROLL
18-Hour Anger Management $94.99 ENROLL
24-Hour Anger Management $104.99 ENROLL
26-Hour Anger Management $114.99 ENROLL
30-Hour Anger Management $124.99 ENROLL
36-Hour Anger Management $134.99 ENROLL
40-Hour Anger Management $144.99 ENROLL
52-Hour Anger Management $154.99 ENROLL
Courses by week Price Action
4-Week Anger Management $34.99 ENROLL
6-Week Anger Management $44.99 ENROLL
8-Week Anger Management $54.99 ENROLL
12-Week Anger Management $64.99 ENROLL
16-Week Anger Management $84.99 ENROLL
18-Week Anger Management $94.99 ENROLL
24-Week Anger Management $104.99 ENROLL
26-Week Anger Management $114.99 ENROLL
30-Week Anger Management $124.99 ENROLL
36-Week Anger Management $134.99 ENROLL
40-Week Anger Management $144.99 ENROLL
52-Week Anger Management $154.99 ENROLL
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Most Common Q&A
Why was I required to take an anger management class by my employer?
Your employer may have noticed that your behavior at work has been negatively impacted by your inability to control your anger, which can lead to conflicts with coworkers or customers.
How long do the workplace anger management classes last?
The length of the classes varies depending on the employer's requirements but they typically last between 4 and 8 hours. Nevertheless, since the duration is subjective and depends entirely on your employer, you may be prescribed a longer anger management course or a weekly program. 
Will taking this class affect my job status or career advancement opportunities?
It is unlikely that taking this class will negatively affect your job status or career advancement opportunities. In fact, it shows a willingness to improve yourself which can be viewed positively by employers.
Does this course meet the requirements of employers?
The workplace anger management course presented by AngerClass is created by a certified expert and is widely accepted by employers and organizations across the United States. According to our records, certificates not accepted by employers are estimated to be less than 1%.

Anger Management in the Workplace

Employer mandated anger management classes are becoming increasingly common in the workplace. These programs are designed to help employees learn effective strategies for managing their emotions and behaviors in a professional setting. They can be incredibly important for both the individual employee and the organization as a whole.

Anger management classes
may be required by employers when an employee has demonstrated problematic behavior such as aggressive outbursts, verbal abuse, or physical altercations. Employers may also require these classes as a preventative measure to promote a healthy work environment and prevent potential incidents from occurring.

It is important for employees to take employer mandated anger management classes seriously and complete them fully. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action or even termination. Moreover, completing these classes can have positive benefits beyond simply fulfilling employer requirements. Participants may experience improved relationships with coworkers, increased job satisfaction, and reduced stress levels.

In addition to helping individuals manage their emotions effectively, anger management classes can also benefit organizations by reducing workplace conflict and improving overall productivity. When employees are better equipped to handle stressful situations and communicate effectively with one another, they are more likely to work collaboratively towards common goals.

Employer mandated anger management classes
typically cover topics such as identifying triggers for anger, effective communication skills, stress reduction techniques, and strategies for resolving conflicts in a professional manner. The anger management program provided by Anger Class is 100% online and is recognized by employers nationwide for meeting the needs of almost any  organization.

In conclusion, workplace anger management classes are an important tool for promoting a healthy work environment and preventing negative incidents from occurring. By taking these programs seriously and completing them fully, individuals can improve their own emotional regulation skills while contributing to a more productive workplace culture.
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What our clients say about our class
Nora G.:
The content is noteworthy and intriguing. Good work.
Marian O.:
This course not only helps with anger management but also with overall stress reduction, which is invaluable in today's fast-paced work environment.
Since completing the course, we've noticed a significant improvement in communication and teamwork among our staff.
Hattie O.:
We highly recommend AngerClass to any organization looking to invest in their employees' emotional intelligence and wellbeing.