Anger Management Classes For Teens

Teenagers who struggle with anger problems may find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships and overall well being. That's where AngerClass comes in - we offer 100% online teen anger management classes that are nationally recognized and designed to equip adolescents with practical tools for controlling their thoughts and actions. With durations of 8 or 12 hours, our courses are adaptable enough to any timetable, and our online format allows teens to complete them from anywhere at any time. Our certified instructor provides engaging, interactive content that is tailored specifically to the needs of teens. Don't let anger rule your life - enroll in our teen anger management classes today. 
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Most Common Q&A
What is an online teen anger management class?
An online teen anger management class is a course that teaches teens how to control their feelings and actions in a healthy manner. These classes can be taken from the comfort of their own home, using a computer or mobile device.
Who is eligible to take an online teen anger management class?
Online teen anger management classes are typically available to adolescents who struggle with controlling their emotions and behaviors. 
How long does an online teen anger management class last?
The length of the program can vary depending on the requirements of the institution that mandated it. Most often, teenagers are advised to participate in 4, 8 or 12-hour anger management classes. 
Are online teen anger management classes effective?
Yes, research shows that online teen anger management classes can be as successful as in-person ones. However, it's important for participants to fully engage with the material and implement what they've learned into their daily lives.
Can I receive certification after completing this teen anger management training?
Yes. AngerClass awards participants with a free fulfillment certificate which becomes accessible once you complete your education. Furthermore, the certificate can be downloaded and forwarded to a third party easily through the dashboard of your account. 

Teen Anger Management - Occurrences and Consequences

Anger management is an important skill that all individuals should learn to develop, especially during adolescence. Teenagers often experience intense emotions, and if left unaddressed, these emotions can manifest in unhealthy ways such as aggression, violence, or depression. Anger management issues in teens can have a significant social impact on the individual and their community.

Teenagers’ anger management problems can lead to strained relationships with family members and friends. It's not uncommon for teenagers to lash out at those closest to them when they are feeling angry or frustrated. This can lead to broken trust and damaged relationships that may be difficult to repair.

In addition to personal relationships, anger management issues in teens can also have consequences in their academic and professional lives. Teenagers who struggle with anger may find it difficult to concentrate on their studies or work effectively with others. This can result in poor grades or job performance, ultimately affecting their future opportunities.

Moreover, there are legal implications associated with anger management issues as well. If a teenager's anger escalates into physical violence or destruction of property, they may face criminal charges which could negatively impact their future prospects.

Furthermore, It's significant for parents and caregivers to recognize signs of anger management issues in teenagers early on and seek help from professionals who specialize in treating these conditions. Anger management classes can teach teenagers coping mechanisms that will enable them to manage their emotions more effectively.

In conclusion, addressing anger management issues among teenagers is crucial for promoting healthy social interactions and avoiding negative consequences later on in life. By educating young people about healthy ways of expressing themselves when experiencing strong feelings of frustration or anger, we can help them build stronger relationships with others while maintaining a sense of self-control over their own behavior. The need for change is evident; we must invest time and resources into providing access to effective interventions that will allow our youth the opportunity to thrive both personally and professionally.

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Keven F.:
Since completing the course, I have noticed a significant increase in my son’s self-awareness and emotional intelligence - I couldn't be more proud!
Alyce F.:
We highly recommend AngerClass to any parents looking for effective tools to help their teen manage their emotions.
Jeramie L.:
The online platform is easy to use, and the content is engaging and informative for teens.
Loma Y.:
AngerClass has been a lifesaver for our family. Our daughter has shown significant improvement in managing her anger since completing the course.