Court Ordered Anger Management Classes

Anger management courses can be a crucial step for individuals who have been ordered by a court to attend them. At AngerClass, we offer court ordered anger management classes that are 100% online, designed by a certified expert, and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the court.

Our court approved anger management classes are available in different durations, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. Whether you need a short, intensive program or a longer course that provides ongoing support, we have options that will work for you - courses with continuity from 1 hour to 52 weeks. 

If you have been ordered to attend anger management classes by a court, consider enrolling in one of our online programs at AngerClass. With our expert-designed curriculum, flexible scheduling, and court-approved certification, you can get the support you need to manage your anger and move forward with your life. 

Courses by hour Price Action
1-Hour Anger Management $29.99 ENROLL
4-Hour Anger Management $34.99 ENROLL
6-Hour Anger Management $44.99 ENROLL
8-Hour Anger Management $54.99 ENROLL
12-Hour Anger Management $64.99 ENROLL
16-Hour Anger Management $84.99 ENROLL
18-Hour Anger Management $94.99 ENROLL
24-Hour Anger Management $104.99 ENROLL
26-Hour Anger Management $114.99 ENROLL
30-Hour Anger Management $124.99 ENROLL
36-Hour Anger Management $134.99 ENROLL
40-Hour Anger Management $144.99 ENROLL
52-Hour Anger Management $154.99 ENROLL
Courses by week Price Action
4-Week Anger Management $34.99 ENROLL
6-Week Anger Management $44.99 ENROLL
8-Week Anger Management $54.99 ENROLL
12-Week Anger Management $64.99 ENROLL
16-Week Anger Management $84.99 ENROLL
18-Week Anger Management $94.99 ENROLL
24-Week Anger Management $104.99 ENROLL
26-Week Anger Management $114.99 ENROLL
30-Week Anger Management $124.99 ENROLL
36-Week Anger Management $134.99 ENROLL
40-Week Anger Management $144.99 ENROLL
52-Week Anger Management $154.99 ENROLL
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1-52 hourly and weekly courses available
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Most Common Q&A
Why do courts require participation in anger management classes?
For persons who have engaged in violent or hostile behavior, the judge may stipulate that they complete anger management courses as part of their sentence or probation.
How long does an online court ordered anger management class usually last?
The length of an online court ordered anger management class can vary depending on the specific program requirements, but they typically range from 8-12 hours total. However, in some cases, courts may require individuals to participate in longer programs such as 40 or 52-week anger management classes.
Are these anger management classes approved by courts?
AngerClass offers nationally recognized online anger management courses that satisfy judicial requirements. However, because all of our classes are 100% online and some courts do not accept distance learning education, we strongly advise checking whether your class will be approved before starting. This can be easily done by sending your letter of enrollment to the authority at the very beginning of your training.
What if the court does not accept my letter of enrollment or certificate of fulfillment?
In the event that the court rejects any of the documents issued by us in relation to the guaranteed acceptance that AngerClass offers, we will issue a full refund. To take advantage of the warranty, you need to notify us as soon as you receive a notification of denial and provide a written proof from the court. For more information, read our FAQs.
What types of court mandated anger management courses does AngerClass provide?
AngerClass presents courses of different duration, the shortest of which is 1 hour, and the longest is 52 weeks. We have a wide range of anger management classes to suit your individual requirements. However, we always advise our clients to enroll in a course that is equal to or longer than the court order. Completion of a shorter or non-prerequisite course often results in rejection by the institution or the requirement to re-enroll in a longer program.

The Social Impact of Court Ordered Anger Management Classes

Court ordered anger management classes are a crucial step in helping individuals who struggle with managing their emotions and behaviors effectively. These classes are typically required as part of a court sentence or probation, and may be mandated in cases where an individual has been involved in violent or aggressive behavior.

The importance of court ordered anger management classes cannot be overstated. Anger is a strong feeling that can have detrimental effects on the person experiencing it as well as those around them. By participating in these programs, individuals can learn effective communication skills, stress reduction techniques, and strategies for managing anger in a healthy way.

In many cases, courts require individuals to participate in anger management programs when they have been convicted of domestic violence, assault, or other crimes that involve violent behavior. These programs can help individuals understand the underlying causes of their anger and develop the skills they need to manage it effectively.

It is important to note that failing to complete the court's requirements for anger management classes can have serious consequences. Individuals who fail to complete these programs may face additional legal penalties such as fines or jail time. Moreover, failure to complete these programs could indicate to the court that an individual is not taking responsibility for their actions or making efforts to change their behavior.

Completing court mandated anger management classes can also have positive benefits beyond fulfilling legal requirements. Participants may experience improved relationships with family members and coworkers, reduced stress levels, and increased self-awareness.

In conclusion, court ordered anger management classes are an essential tool in helping individuals learn how to manage their emotions effectively. By completing these programs, people have the power to alter their lives for the better by accepting accountability for their deeds. If you or someone you know has been ordered by a court to participate in an anger management program, it is important to take this requirement seriously and follow through with the necessary steps towards completing it successfully. 
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What our clients say about our class
Joelle Q.:
I needed to update my course duration and I did it myself from the dashboard of my account without the need to contact support, neither losing my progress. The platform is awesome and customer-friendly which I highly appreciate!
Dane D.:
I completed the 8-hour class due to court order and my certificate was approved.
Jayson H.:
The training material was engaging and instructive, offering practical strategies for healthy anger management.
Donato K.:
AngerClass provided me with valuable tools for managing my anger issues and helped me fulfill my court-ordered requirement.