Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for this anger management course? 
To register for this course you need to fill out all the required details and create an account on AngerClass. Once you proceed, you will be asked to make a payment and after that, you will gain access to your curriculum and can start your education. 
How can I get proof of enrollment?
As soon as you make a successful payment on AngerClass, your proof of enrollment will be available to download on the Dashboard of your account. 
What are anger management classes? 
The anger management classes offered by AngerClass are educational programs in which participants can enroll and be taught entirely online. The anger management classes shouldn't be taken as professional advice in terms of health or law.
Do anger management classes work? 
Yes, the anger management classes offered by AngerClass are proven to work as they provide useful information addressing anger and its manifestations from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Participants who complete the course have developed skills for managing difficult emotions and have knowledge on how to deal with conflict, such as better communication techniques and strategies for staying calm under pressure. 
What are the benefits of taking anger management classes? 
The online anger management course offered by AngerClass helps participants achieve emotional stability and psychological wellbeing while also fulfilling the requirements of the institution that demanded it. Participants receive valuable information on how to handle their emotions and maintain healthy relationships. 
How do I find the right anger management class for me? 
For your specific needs, AngerClass offers a range of programs with various levels of continuity that range in length from 1 to 52 hours and weeks. Additionally, we provide classes on anger management for court, workplace anger, aggressive driving as well as teen anger management. 
How much do anger management classes cost? 
While the most budget-friendly anger management class offered by AngerClass is the 1-hour class, which comes in at $29.99, our most expensive course is also our longest, costing $154.99. Intermediate variations in both class length and prices can be found by viewing the pricing page. 
How long do anger management classes last? 
The length of our courses ranges from 1 hours to 52 weeks, with AngerClass providing both hourly and weekly course options. The weekly courses require the appropriate number of weeks, with a study limit of one session per week, while the hourly anger management programs can be taken at the students' desired frequency. 
What is the format of anger management classes? 
AngerClass offers 100% online anger management courses that don't require physical presence.
What topics are covered in anger management classes? 
The programs provided by AngerClass cover different amounts of topics depending on their length. However, some of the most important topics are emotional intelligence, self awareness, angry brain, advanced calming techniques as well as healthy and unhealthy anger. 
How can I find a reputable anger management class? 
The classes provided by AngerClass are considered reputable and are widely acknowledged across the United States for being developed by an experienced accredited anger management specialist. 
Is there anything I should do before taking an anger management class? 
If you are required to attend anger management classes by a court, your employer, or another authority, it is advisable to submit your enrollment letter to that authority to see if they would approve of the distance learning program. 
Will my progress be saved If I log out? 
Yes. Your progress is saved automatically no matter how many times you log in and out.  
Is there a final exam or other kind of assessment? 
No. This course is absolutely test and exam free.
Do I have a set time frame to complete the course? 
Yes. You need to complete the anger management class in one year after registering for it.
Are these courses completely self-paced? 
While the hourly courses are completely self-paced and can be completed for the amount of hours in compliance with the program duration, the weekly courses, on the other hand, require the specific amount of weeks as you gain access to only one session per week (every Monday).
Is this course provided in other languages?
No. At the current moment the only language available is English. 
How can I pay for the course?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club are all acceptable forms of payment.
Can I pay in installments?
No. At the current moment AngerClass does not provide such an option.
Do additional charges apply?
No. The course price is final and includes the proof of enrollment, course materials as well as the certificate of fulfillment. 
How much does an AngerClass course cost?
An AngerClass course starts from as low as $29.99, with a range of lengths available to meet your needs. 
Are there any hidden charges or fees?
No. The fee includes proof of enrollment, course materials and a fulfillment certificate.
Will I need to pay additional fees in case I want to change my course?
Yes. A fee of $14.99 applies to all course changes.
In case I want to make a course change, should I pay the whole price of the new course? 
No. You will need to pay only $14.99 course change fee plus the difference from the first and the second course amount.  
In case I want to change my course to a program with a shorter duration, can I get a refund for the first course?
Can I get a discount?
The prices on AngerClass are determined in compliance with the curriculum, course length and other factors. However, in case you are looking for a group discount or you consider our course overpriced, please feel free to reach us out at 
What is a fulfillment certificate?
This is the legal proof that you have successfully completed an anger management class and is often required by courts, employers and other entities.  
Is the certification personalized? 
Absolutely. The certificate includes your personal data (names, DOB, date of completion, type of training, etc.).
Course Changes
How can I make changes to my course?
You can make changes to your course in the Dashboard of your account. The interactive menu allows you to change the course to lower or higher duration as well as to move to another educational method (from hourly to weekly or the opposite).  
Will I lose my progress when changes apply to my course?
No. Your current progress will be saved.
Service Area Coverage
What areas does AngerClass cover? 
AngerClass provides online anger management classes throughout the United States.
Are there any states or regions where AngerClass does not offer its services?
No, AngerClass offers its services in all states across the United States. 
How do I find an anger management class that is accepted by the state/county? 
AngerClass is one of the leading providers of state recognized anger management classes in the United States. Our programs are developed by a certified specialist to meet every state’s particular requirements. As well as that, our classes are widely approved within the country and yet, we strongly advise participants to check their county recognition before sign up.  
How do I know if my anger management class will be accepted by the state/county? 
Firstly, you can check out your county acceptance by choosing your particular state and then look at the county approval list where all counties (of your state) that are known to approve distance learning certificates are colored in green and ones that reject - in red. Secondly, you can always send your letter of enrollment to your home county in order to check whether your 
course certification will be approved.  
Why do some states/counties deny course certificates? 
Some states/counties do not allow distance learning fulfillment certificates as they do not recognize online educational forms. Although such cases are rare, we highly recommend you to check their particular requirements before getting started.  
What happens if my certificate is declined by the state/county?
As AngerClass provides an acceptance guarantee, we will issue a full refund back to your bank account in case your fulfillment certificate is rejected by your home state and county. However, to benefit from this warranty, you need to send us a proof of denial as soon as you receive it, as well as a written explanation and a refund request. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details. 
Court Ordered Anger Management Classes
Why do courts require participation in anger management classes?
For persons who have engaged in violent or hostile behavior, the judge may stipulate that they complete anger management courses as part of their sentence or probation.
How long does an online court ordered anger management class usually last? 
The length of an online court ordered anger management class can vary depending on the specific program requirements, but they typically range from 8-12 hours total. However, in some cases, courts may require individuals to participate in longer programs such as 40 or 52-week anger management classes.  
Are these anger management classes approved by courts?
AngerClass offers nationally recognized online anger management courses that satisfy judicial requirements. However, because all of our classes are 100% online and some courts do not accept distance learning education, we strongly advise checking whether your class will be approved before starting. This can be easily done by sending your letter of enrollment to the authority at the very beginning of your training. 
What if the court does not accept my letter of enrollment or certificate of fulfillment?
In the event that the court rejects any of the documents issued by us in relation to the guaranteed acceptance that AngerClass offers, we will issue a full refund. To take advantage of the warranty, you need to notify us as soon as you receive a notification of denial and provide a written proof from the court. For more information, read our FAQs.
What types of court mandated anger management courses does AngerClass provide?
AngerClass presents courses of different duration, the shortest of which is 1 hour, and the longest is 52 weeks. We have a wide range of anger management classes to suit your individual requirements. However, we always advise our clients to enroll in a course that is equal to or longer than the court order. Completion of a shorter or non-prerequisite course often results in rejection by the institution or the requirement to re-enroll in a longer program.
Employer Mandated Anger Management Classes
Why was I required to take an anger management class by my employer?
Your employer may have noticed that your behavior at work has been negatively impacted by your inability to control your anger, which can lead to conflicts with coworkers or customers.
How long do the workplace anger management classes last? 
The length of the classes varies depending on the employer's requirements but they typically last between 4 and 8 hours. Nevertheless, since the duration is subjective and depends entirely on your employer, you may be prescribed a longer anger management course or a weekly program.
Will taking this class affect my job status or career advancement opportunities? 
It is unlikely that taking this class will negatively affect your job status or career advancement opportunities. In fact, it shows a willingness to improve yourself which can be viewed positively by employers.
Does this course meet the requirements of employers?
The workplace anger management course presented by AngerClass is created by a certified expert and is widely accepted by employers and organizations across the United States. According to our records, certificates not accepted by employers are estimated to be less than 1%. 
Teen Anger Management Classes
What is an online teen anger management class?
An online teen anger management class is a course that teaches teens how to control their feelings and actions in a healthy manner. These classes can be taken from the comfort of their own home, using a computer or mobile device.
Who is eligible to take an online teen anger management class?
Online teen anger management classes are typically available to adolescents who struggle with controlling their emotions and behaviors.
How long does an online teen anger management class last? 
The length of the program can vary depending on the requirements of the institution that mandated it. Most often, teenagers are advised to participate in 8 or 12-hour anger management classes. 
Are online teen anger management classes effective?
Yes, research shows that online teen anger management classes can be as successful as in-person ones. However, it's important for participants to fully engage with the material and implement what they've learned into their daily lives.
Can I receive certification after completing this teen anger management training?
Yes. AngerClass awards participants with a free fulfillment certificate which becomes accessible once you complete your education. Furthermore, the certificate can be downloaded and forwarded to a third party easily through the dashboard of your account. 
Aggressive Driving and Road Rage Classes
What are aggressive driving and road rage anger classes?
Road rage anger classes are courses designed to help individuals manage their emotions and behaviors while on the road in order to avoid engaging in dangerous or violent behavior. 
Who should take aggressive driving and road rage anger classes? 
Anyone who struggles with managing their emotions while driving or has engaged in aggressive or violent behavior on the road may benefit from taking a road rage anger class. 
How long do the classes typically last? 
The length of a road rage anger class can vary depending on your particular needs. AngerClass provides access to 8,16 and 24-hour road rage and aggressive driving classes for these durations are known to be most often required by authorities.  
Are there online options for taking the classes? 
Yes, AngerClass offers online options for taking road rage anger classes that can be completed from the comfort of your own home using a computer or mobile device. Our programs are 100% online. 
Can you receive certification after completing an aggressive driving and road rage class?
Yes. AngerClass provides a free certificate of completion at the end of your education. You will gain access to your certificate once you complete the curriculum. 
Privacy and Security
Is my personal information submitted to AngerClass safe and secure?
Yes. AngerClass has implemented a set of measures to secure its participants’ personal data. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy.  
Refunds & Cancellations
Can I cancel this course after processing the payment?
No. You are not allowed to cancel the course.
Can I request a refund If any of the documents issued by AngerClass is rejected by the authority required me to participate in the training? 
Yes. Refund requests are permitted only in case that some of the official documents that provides to its clients are rejected by the institution that requested it due to non-compliance with the form requirement (non-acceptance of distance learning).

Neither refunds, nor cancellations can be made in cases where the student has not complied with the prescriptions for course length, type of program (weekly/hourly) or nature of the course. 
How can I request a refund for certificate denial?
In order to request a refund due to institution denial, the participant must provide a written and signed proof of denial within 10 business days of receiving it.