Anger Management Classes

AngerClass is an online provider of anger management classes, designed to meet court, employer, probation and other requirements. With durations ranging from 1 to 52 hours and weeks, these classes are designed to help individuals learn effective strategies for managing their anger and improving their overall well-being.

While one of the great benefits of these classes is that they are developed by a certified instructor specialized in anger management techniques, another advantage of them is that participants are awarded free certificates upon completion. This not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also serves as tangible proof of your commitment to bettering yourself.

Whether you're dealing with stress at work or struggling with personal relationships, online anger management classes can provide the tools and support you need to regain control over your emotions. Sign up today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier life.

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Approved by states and counties in the United States
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Anger Management

See our course pricing list below. Learn more about our anger management courses .

Courses by hour Price Action
1-Hour Anger Management $29.99 ENROLL
4-Hour Anger Management $34.99 ENROLL
6-Hour Anger Management $44.99 ENROLL
8-Hour Anger Management $54.99 ENROLL
12-Hour Anger Management $64.99 ENROLL
16-Hour Anger Management $84.99 ENROLL
18-Hour Anger Management $94.99 ENROLL
24-Hour Anger Management $104.99 ENROLL
26-Hour Anger Management $114.99 ENROLL
30-Hour Anger Management $124.99 ENROLL
36-Hour Anger Management $134.99 ENROLL
40-Hour Anger Management $144.99 ENROLL
52-Hour Anger Management $154.99 ENROLL
Courses by week Price Action
4-Week Anger Management $34.99 ENROLL
6-Week Anger Management $44.99 ENROLL
8-Week Anger Management $54.99 ENROLL
12-Week Anger Management $64.99 ENROLL
16-Week Anger Management $84.99 ENROLL
18-Week Anger Management $94.99 ENROLL
24-Week Anger Management $104.99 ENROLL
26-Week Anger Management $114.99 ENROLL
30-Week Anger Management $124.99 ENROLL
36-Week Anger Management $134.99 ENROLL
40-Week Anger Management $144.99 ENROLL
52-Week Anger Management $154.99 ENROLL

See our course pricing list below. Learn more about our aggressive driving courses .

Courses by hour Price Action
4-Hour Aggressive Driving $34.99 ENROLL
8-Hour Aggressive Driving $54.99 ENROLL
16-Hour Aggressive Driving $84.99 ENROLL
24-Hour Aggressive Driving $104.99 ENROLL

Teen Anger Management

See our course pricing list below. Learn more about our teen anger management courses .

Courses by hour Price Action
4-Hour Teen Anger Management $34.99 ENROLL
8-Hour Teen Anger Management $54.99 ENROLL
12-Hour Teen Anger Management $64.99 ENROLL
Areas where our course is recognized
The online anger management classes provided by AngerClass are widely acknowledged and are known to be accepted in all states within the country. Nevertheless, there are some counties whose entities refuse to accept distance learning educational programs and this is why we highly recommend our participants to check their county recognition before participating in the training.
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Most Common Q&A
What are anger management classes? 
The anger management classes offered by AngerClass are educational programs in which participants can enroll and be taught entirely online. The anger management classes shouldn't be taken as professional advice in terms of health or law.
Do anger management classes work?
Yes, the anger management classes offered by AngerClass are proven to work as they provide useful information addressing anger and its manifestations from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Participants who complete the course have developed skills for managing difficult emotions and have knowledge on how to deal with conflict, such as better communication techniques and strategies for staying calm under pressure.
What are the benefits of taking anger management classes?
The online anger management course offered by AngerClass helps participants achieve emotional stability and psychological wellbeing while also fulfilling the requirements of the institution that demanded it. Participants receive valuable information on how to handle their emotions and maintain healthy relationships.
How do I find the right anger management class for me?
For your specific needs, AngerClass offers a range of programs with various levels of continuity that range in length from 4 to 52 hours and weeks. Additionally, we provide classes on anger management for court, workplace anger, aggressive driving as well as teen anger management.
How much do anger management classes cost?
While the most budget-friendly anger management class offered by AngerClass is the 1-hour class, which comes in at $29.99, our most expensive course is also our longest, costing $154.99. Intermediate variations in both class length and prices can be found by viewing all of our courses.
How long do anger management classes last?
The length of our courses ranges from 1 hours to 52 weeks, with AngerClass providing both hourly and weekly course options. The weekly courses require the appropriate number of weeks, with a study limit of one session per week, while the hourly anger management programs can be taken at the students' desired frequency.
What is the format of anger management classes?
AngerClass offers 100% online anger management courses that don't require physical presence.
What topics are covered in anger management classes?
The programs provided by AngerClass cover different amounts of topics depending on their length. However, some of the most important topics are emotional intelligence, self awareness, angry brain, advanced calming techniques as well as healthy and unhealthy anger.
How can I find a reputable anger management class?
The classes provided by AngerClass are considered reputable and are widely acknowledged across the United States for being developed by an experienced accredited anger management specialist.
Is there anything I should do before taking an anger management class?
If you are required to attend anger management classes by a court, your employer, or another authority, it is advisable to submit your enrollment letter to that authority to see if they would approve of the distance learning program.

Anger Management Classes as Means of Control

AngerClass appears to offer online anger management classes that provide a practical and efficient approach for anyone to learn better ways to manage their anger. These programs are created by qualified educators with extensive backgrounds in anger management. Sessions can range in length from 1 to 52 hours and offer the same frequency in weeks, and depending on the curriculum, they offer various levels of structure that let people choose the best solution for their objectives. Each training is created to aid individuals in improving their anger management skills and bringing about positive changes in their lives. These courses offer priceless tools that can aid in managing challenging emotions in a healthy way, from studying mindfulness techniques and replacing unfavorable ideas to understanding how to efficiently interact with others.

Anger Management Course That Covers Your Demands

Despite the fact that in many cases participants enroll in anger management programs seeking self-development and personal growth, most often anger management classes can be required by authorized entities including courts, judges, parole and probation officers, law enforcement, state or county officials and employers for cases of workplace anger. The anger management classes offered by AngerClass are built to fulfill the requirements of the people seeking assistance, regardless of what institution requires you to complete such an education programme. Our courses are widely known throughout the United States as a successful technique to deal with challenging emotions and learn how to do so in a healthy manner.

In order to have the greatest impact on reducing aggressive behavior, these courses also incorporate techniques like communication skills training, coping mechanisms, and cognitive behavioral therapy into their curriculum. Besides which, they are offered in a range of timeframes, from 1 up to 52 hours and weeks, and are created to comply with the requirements of the entity that required them. And still, we highly urge checking your state and county approvals by sending the letter of enrolment to the organization that appointed the class in order to ensure that your training will be acknowledged in your state.

What our clients say about our class
Danielle P.:
Taking an online anger management class in California was one of the best decisions I ever made. It helped me to understand and control my emotions better and taught me how to manage situations in a positive, constructive way. Being completely online, I felt comfortable  throughout the entire process. Highly recommend this program!
Tanner Boyle:
I highly recommend AngerClass for their outstanding client service. From the moment I contacted them, their staff showed a level of professionalism and courtesy that is rarely seen. They took the time to answer all my questions in detail and went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied with their anger management course. The customer service team also provided fast responses to all my inquiries and even followed up after our interaction was completed to ensure everything had been taken care of. I'm very impressed!
Alfred Q.:
Completing this anger management class equipped me with invaluable skills that I will carry for the rest of my life. The course taught me how to stay calm under pressure and approach conflicts with a more balanced perspective. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I acquired from this class and can honestly say that it has significantly improved my ability to manage my emotions, especially at the workplace where this ability is of vital importance.
I'm so glad to have completed this online anger management course. The course material was comprehensive and engaging, making it easy to learn and remember the lessons. Having my certificate approved by the judge is a great feeling and an experience that restored my faith in my own capabilities. Kind Regards, J.K.