How It Works

Online anger management classes offer a flexible and convenient way to learn strategies for managing your emotions. AngerClass allows you to access course materials and participate in discussions from the comfort of your own home.

Also, the classes are designed to teach you how to recognize triggers that may cause you to become angry, as well as provide you with tools and techniques for regulating your emotions when faced with these triggers. In order to better regulate your reactions, you'll learn how to speak more clearly, establish clear limits, and engage in mindfulness exercises.

AngerClass provides guidance on how exactly these programs function step by step, fully describing every component. Learn more now. 

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What is Anger and How to Control it?

What is Anger?

When we feel frightened or frustrated, we experience the emotion of anger. It is a typical reaction to any circumstance that is seen as unfair, incorrect, or unjust. It frequently results from feeling mistreated or treated unfairly. Anger can show up physically, emotionally, or mentally. 

Fundamentally, anger is a signal to do something about something that has hurt or offended us. It's a form of self-defense, yet effective anger management can be challenging to achieve. To prevent it from escalating into uncontrollable wrath, the key is to identify what causes it and manage the emotions appropriately.

3 Steps in Controlling Your Anger

First of all, you can better regulate your anger if you understand what makes you angry. Examine circumstances rationally and work to prevent your emotions from impairing your judgment. Second, when feeling furious, try practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing and letting go of tension through exercise.

Lastly, allow yourself some space before retaliating when you're furious by counting down from 10 or taking a brief stroll outdoors. This can give you a moment to consider more clearly and allow you to reflect on the incident. Finally, if you find yourself in a rage, watch what you say and do since, if not managed appropriately, your words and actions can frequently have an irreparable effect on those around you. Humans are better in handling challenging situations with open minds and fewer volatile consequences if we can control anger through self-awareness and mindfulness practices.

How Does This Online Class Work?

The functionality of this anger management class could be clearly delineated into five distinct steps representing the building blocks of the entire training process.

The very first thing you should do is examine your individual needs in order to determine the type of anger management program you must attend and the length of the training itself. An 8-hour anger management course, for instance, is typically advised to comply with court requirements, whilst 4-hour anger management classes are typically known to cover the standards of employers and businesses. Nonetheless, AngerClass offers several curricula that are customized to meet the requirements of various authorities, as well as courses with varying length estimated both in hours and weeks.

Choose the class type that suits your needs best and enroll in some of the durations provided. By registering into this anger management program, participants gain access to the educational materials as well as receive a letter of enrollment for free. 

Enrollees get access to the course sessions as soon as their payment goes through successfully. They can log in and out as many times as needed, having their progress saved and being able to view and reread previous sessions an unlimited amount of times. While the weekly sessions are presented every Monday, session by session, having the next lesson remains locked until the next week, the participants are required to spend the course specific amount of time completing the program. On the other hand, the hourly anger management classes are completely self-paced and students may learn as fast as possible in accordance to their particular needs and time.

Within the improvement stage, you will learn effective strategies for reducing and managing stress. You will obtain techniques to help you identify root causes of your emotions as well as you will learn how to recognize when you are becoming overwhelmed and practice mindful methods for regaining control. Also, you will gain knowledge on understanding healthy boundaries for yourself as well as others, expressing feelings without harming yourself or relationships, and how to take ownership of angry episodes and move towards a more positive outlook on life.

As soon as you successfully complete this anger management class and spend the required amount of time studying, you will be rewarded with a fulfillment certification for free which is downloadable from the dashboard of your account. This certificate is proof that you have gone through such an educational program and is often required by various entities countrywide.